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Tips for Better Direct Mailing for Brands

As marketers, we are always looking for the best medium to boost our reach. While online marketing tools offer swift visibility and immediate performance tracking, direct mailing is still widely used by many leading brands. The reason? Effective engagement, especially for certain types of products and call-to-action. Even digital native companies like Amazon rely on direct mail to create awareness and response around key times like the festive holidays. And while many loyalty programs are heavily powered by mobile apps, leading brands still send physical cards to VIPs to create that premium feel. In this issue, we share with you ICICLE Production’s experience and expertise in implementing important direct mailing outreach for our clients. At present, our team is capable of handling the design, production, data handling and delivery of over 100,000+ mailers per day for leading brands in Hong Kong. We have experienced how some brands have got creative with their mailers, to make a bigger impression on the receiving end. Easy-to-implement tactics include the use of UV ink effect, 3-D pop-ups, pull-outs, personalised promo codes, calligraphy based aesthetics and many more. Applying a bit of creativity goes a long way in giving brands more room to engage consumer attention through creating immersive, one-of-a-kind direct content experience. Physical mail also provides more one-on-one time to capture a receiver's attention so that messages are able to be communicated more deeply. That said, all this won’t work if brands don't have current and correct databases for successful outreach. So if online marketing channels are looking oversaturated for you, we highly encourage brands to consider leveraging the proven effectiveness of direct mailing and round out their marketing campaigns with an online-to-offline strategy.

Below are our top tips for better direct mailing: 1. Keep communication multichannel so that you can cover all key touch points for brand and message visibility.

2. Maintain the health of your database in order to get your mailers successfully to your customers.

3. Add value in your mailers by talking about new offers and provide incentives to motivate your customers to engage with your brand.

4. Use creative copy and design to help your mailer garner memorability and attention.

5. Partner with an experienced production team to look after your direct mailing campaign. Look for those who are qualified for handling data security and are also knowledgeable about printing and postage details (like us at ICICLE Production).


Jeff Wong is ICICLE's Director of Business Development who leads the management and outreach of key client accounts. He is recognised for being adaptable, reliable and thorough and spearheads the team's efforts for the annual Homeless World Cup Fundraising Tournament.


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