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The ICICLE Residency: Making Space for Creatives

Many of you know ICICLE as a branding and marketing production company with rich experience in new media. Creative talents are our greatest resource, yet often times a performance-driven culture can stifle the room that is needed for talents to create and imagine.

In 2016, ICICLE was looking for ways to introduce the notion of mindfulness in the company’s culture and the wider marketing community; and one of the things that we did was to bring in Kaye Shu as a creative-in-residence. At that time, Kaye was already well respected in the field of western calligraphy, often writing for events for leading luxury brands.

With interest in calligraphy building up, she was looking to step away from the corporate world and to devote herself full time to develop her craft. Through the residence, ICICLE offered her the space to explore different avenues, from developing calligraphy-centric stationery, to conducting workshops for adults and children.

Kaye’s talents have also enriched many of ICICLE's projects, including those with Cathay Pacific, La Mer, AXA and more. Through her residency with ICICLE, Kaye shared her calligraphy knowledge and training to over 1,000 people and helped generate over 3,000 slow living hours.

As the business world looks to bolster company cultures through creative branding and new ways to team build, our creative-in-residence shed light that the art of calligraphy caters to both needs.

Whether it was giving an extra flourish to a brand's campaign or adding value to a business culture through artful team building workshops, calligraphy was an effective vehicle to remind people to appreciate the beauty of mindfulness and going back to the basics.

This September, after three memorable years, we are proud to help launch Kaye’s very own brand - K’s Calligraphy.


Daisy Pang is ICICLE's Senior Principal, Head of Project Management and is responsible for driving all our projects to meet each client's important timelines and unique goals.


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