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Identifying the most powerful influencers for your brand, in seconds.

Until recently, the most broadly accepted criteria for identifying influencers has been a quick review of open metrics across influencer profiles; size of following, network engagement, and post content brand / campaign relevance. At Icicle, this is now only the beginning when selecting influencers for clients. Empowered by our exclusive partnership with the Open Influence platform, we’re now able to dig much deeper into an influencer’s follower-base, quickly and much more accurately gauging the potential success of a campaign from any varied influencer pool.

In order to fully maximise your influencer marketing budget and run successful campaigns, identifying the most effective influencers quickly is critical. We’re aware that all social media platforms collect enormous amounts of data, but now we’re able to leverage that data to accurately forecast how effective an influencer will be for any campaign.

Open Influence leverages Amazon’s REKOGNITION AI technology to analyse tens of thousands of data points in a split second for any influencer’s posts across the social media universe. It not only gives us the exterior impact insights we’re all used to, but it delivers much deeper and more granular insights. The technology digs deep into the profiles of an influencer’s audience, gauging their influencers effectiveness in impacting specific follower segments, offering creative composition recommendations based on past engagement and conversion of posts, and even rating their network’s affinity for specific products and services. Pulling these insights used to be inefficient and unrealistic but now, with our service, it only takes seconds.

Learn more about how the technology integrates image recognition to deliver outstanding performance for any influencer marketing campaign, worldwide.

About the author

Jordan Heathfield is the Director of Strategy and Growth with Icicle Group. He identifies innovative growth drivers for clients at the crossroads of technology and media, where he has worked for the last 8 years, with both international agency networks and global internet platforms.


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