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As of May 3 2024

SV Two Live Limited, our wholly owned subsidiary, organised and debuted the first ComplexCon outside of the USA in Hong Kong in March 2024 at an unprecedented scale of similar events in the territory

The Executive Team

Our senior executives lead with a long-range vision of developing an ecosystem that reflects the global, interconnected marketplace we live in -- through the synergies of our businesses, talents and networks. We are entrepreneurial in spirit, dedicated to professionalism, accountability and responsible growth, with a love for excellence and innovation.

Non-executive advisors

Our mission

Bridging diverse cultures and people in the global markets, SV Vision is an Asia-based media and entertainment group of companies specialised in high growth markets with a mission to enrich the lifestyle and wellbeing of young and affluent Asian audience and consumers at a massive scale through content, live events and commerce.

Our businesses and investments

History of the group

From humble beginnings as a print management consultant in 1998, the Company, formerly known as Icicle Group, has expanded our expertise in cross media design, digital production, retail activations and brand strategy. In 2017, our Company went public and its shares are listed on GEM of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Since then, the Company has invested heavily into content production business to further its mission of enriching lifestyles by connecting diverse cultures. In 2021, the Company collaborated with a US-based media company that is active in the youth market segment, and launched an entertainment and live event venture in Greater China.

In 2022, to better align with the future business strategy of the Company, the Company announced to change its name to SV Vision Limited.

At present, the Company has a global footprint rooted in our mission through selected strategic ventures in e-commerce, original content and technology across integrated marketing, media and entertainment industries.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to operate our business honestly, ethically and sustainably and where possible, we do our part in creating positive social impact to our communities through financial and in-kind sponsorships to charitable organizations and corporate sustainable practices in our businesses.


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