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Strategic Sourcing Think CSR For sustainable business performance

Embodying economic success, social contribution and environmental protection, the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been gaining traction rapidly with global brands, which are striving for sustainable business performance. Supply chain management is one of the interfaces where CSR comes into play, as one will be able to influence its key partners in terms of ethical origin and transparent methodology. Icicle’s Vendor Accreditation Program (VAP) adopts a holistic approach. Environmental Management, Employee Relations, Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and Ethical Behaviour are anchors setting out the CSR standards for our vendors. Leaders think one step ahead of its competition and CSR is a competitive edge that can be sustained through Icicle’s VAP. Others embrace it; we embed it. Think big, think far, think CSR.

Industry Newsflash

Latest report from Bain & Company 2013 estimated global luxury sales to only expand 2%.

Busy time for luxury retailers Lane Crawford opens flagship China store in Shanghai in October, followed by Galeries Lafayette’s debut in Beijing in the same month.

Global Navigating Asian Markets For international brands

Once considered as solely a low cost production centre, Asia has become the fastest growing consumer market. Successful brands are adapting to this rapid change of era. Led by seasoned retail marketing and production experts and leveraging Icicle’s unrivalled operation in Asia, Icicle’s team in London is advising leading brands directly in Europe on their marketing supply chain strategies in Asia. Quantifiable value has been created through utilization of Asian design and development talents, strategic sourcing, quality assurance, change management, decoupling manufacturing and packaging and leveraging low cost marketing services in Asia. Get in touch with our Icicle Europe team at for more information.

People Going Places with Icicle

Globalization brings new opportunities to brands, companies and careers. At Icicle, we offer our people global career development opportunities.

A case in point is Kay Leong – she has been instrumental to our Singapore office opening this year, spending 3 months there to set up our team, office and operations. Kay started with Icicle 4 years ago from a media background and has spent time with our London team as well as working in Hong Kong. Transferring from Service Delivery, Kay is happy with her new position in Global Business Development, managing our Key Accounts as well as developing new services in Technology Solutions, Visual Merchandising, Photography and Video.


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