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May 19 was a special day for me and Icicle, I took part in Milan to the most exciting event of the year in the luxury paper industry by the very leader of luxury paper, Gmund.

We share the same passion for traditions and technologies

Both Icicle and Gmund know how heavily quality global businesses around the world depend on a strong link between technology, traditions and creativity. In fact, the new Gmund Color System is produced in their private mill utilizing only traditional craftsmanship methods, which are very hard to find in 2015, in conjunction with their unique tech-machinery.

Icicle and Gmund are both firm advocates of the importance of using quality and sustainable materials coupled with the right choice and usage of colors to create a true brand experience for the end customers.

Florian Kohler and Elisabet Girvent Valls

Why at Icicle we think colors are so important?

As soon as I arrived a the event I was positively impressed by their opening statement: “Colors are the only global international language,”and if you really stop to think about that for a second like I did, your company colors really play a key role in driving the growth of your business, especially when you try to expand globally or to enter in new markets. Colors can be either your master key or the biggest barrier to your goals due to the emotional and rational connection of your potential customers with them. At Icicle we always keep that in mind when working with clients and assisting them to penetrate into new markets.

For example, the meaning of RED can change drastically from one to another nation of the world.

In the western: energy, excitement, action - danger - love, passion - a warning to stop - anger - Christmas - Valentine's Day

In the eastern: prosperity - good fortune - symbol of joy

In India: color of purity, fertility, love, beauty - wealth, opulence and power


Gmund colors make it easier

Colors have a strategic importance, but not all businesses can rely on the consultancy of experts to match the best colors for their needs. That's another thing that really hit me at the event. In fact, designers at Gmund literally put themselves in potential clients' shoes and they came up with 48 colors that perfectly match among each other, not matter what you choose!

In the shoes of a craftsman

With these varying colors that add up to 48, I know that expert minds were at work. At the event, papers and products exhibiting the plethora of Gmund Colors were presented in interesting ways.

Suddenly, I found myself in the shoes of a crafts man working at stations to make handmade paper, postcards, etcetera. I had the opportunity to touch and feel the new papers and encounter the unique visual and tactile experience.

Are you an expert about colors?

I was explained that the average person when closing his or her eyes can imagine roughly 20 colors and that individuals who work in the creative art industry can imagine 40 colors. Real experts—on the other hand—can imagine up to 80 colors.

And you how many colors can you think when closing your eyes?

About the authors: Bonnie Chan Woo is the CEO of Icicle Group

Elisbet Girvent Valls is the European Business Development Manager of Icicle Group


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