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Europe is not the first place that springs to mind these days as a good place for doing business, given its gloomy economic outlook, but a recent trip back home made me realise there are more opportunities than I had thought.

I, together with Bonnie, our CEO, was part of the 170-member delegation of the “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development council (HKTDC) tour of France and Italy last month. It was the largest trade promotion campaign of its kind ever mounted by the HKTDC in Europe and it was specially meaningful for me because I was, for the first time, representing Hong Kong to the French!

In both Paris and Milan, we met with companies in search of marketing services and solutions for their businesses. It was an eye-opening for both sides as not many European companies had contemplated that their needs could possibly be met by a company several thousand miles away in Hong Kong. This is perhaps slightly ironic in the age of globalisation, but these exchanges were a reminder to me that customizing to individual clients’ needs has never been more relevant and crucial to succeed in today’s world of marketing.

I enjoyed the trip immensely both professionally and personally, not least because I could finally satisfy my craving for a real croissant!

Thank you, HKTDC!

About the author

Marion Charreyre is the Studio Director of Icicle Group


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