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Like most people, I can’t imagine a day without browsing on YouTube or watching videos posted by friends on Facebook. Motion captured in a video is a universal language that is effective and engaging. In a white paper published by Cisco, video will account for 79 percent of all consumer web traffic in 2018 (compared with just 66 percent in 2013). Online video is becoming the mainstream channel for information and entertainment. Forward-thinking corporates are shrewd in catching on the trend, some even choose to deliver internal messages this way. Smart move for engaging employees!

This summer, I had the opportunity to experience video shooting as a stand-in assistant to the Icicle crew. My friends would envy me for clocking up 16,000 air miles and hopping between 5 cities, little do they know it was not a holiday. It was extremely physically and mentally demanding, yet my adrenaline rush kept me going through the entire journey but without a moment of distress.

Being on-site with a professional video crew is a unique experience to savour. I consider myself somewhat fortunate to be able to appreciate the enchanting magic behind every engaging moment in motion.

Here are some snapshots to share the fun with you.

About the author

Kay Leong is the Manager of Strategic Development of Icicle Group


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