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COO Europe

Marco Marranini is a pioneer in the influencer marketing space. In 2011, he founded Digital Cake, a communications agency that launched the first bloggers in Italy. He was an early adopter of a revolutionary new media model, helping companies leverage the power of social platforms. 

In 2015, Digital Cake was acquired by Open Influence, where he currently serves as COO of Europe.


Marco Marranini是网红营销领域的先锋式人物。2011年,他创立传播机构Digital Cake,在意大利推出第一批博客。他使用具有革命性的新媒体模式,帮助企业品牌利用社交平台的力量进行营销。2015年,Digital Cake被Open Influence收购,目前担任欧洲首席运营官。

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