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We at Icicle see the value of each talent as an integral part of a dynamic team.  

Each individual is hired, developed and valued one at a time.

Icicle is made up of passionate people who are incredibly driven as a collective organization and yet empathetic as individuals.


Icicle is committed to building strong and amicable relationships with everyone we touch, recognizing each person’s contribution to our growth and to the world.


Our culture is shaped by our people who are diverse in their backgrounds and united in our core values.


Our people strive to create value to our clients as experts in our fields. We focus hard on improving efficiency with a disciplined approach. And yet, our people are creative with ideas and fearless of innovation.


Our careers are vested in the sector and we are in it for the long-haul, therefore, we take time to set goals and plan ahead to lead positive changes and benchmark our performance with the best-in-class.


Icicle is one global team, we act in sync, share, learn and grow together.

What does the above translate to working at Icicle?

  • We take pride in our achievements, big and small.

  • We are defined by our future opportunites and we are the change we want to see.

  • We treat others with respect and trust, at work and at play.

  • We share feedback, honestly and directly.

  • We reach for the stars, even they seem unreachable.

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