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RETAIL Five Stages of Sustainable Brand Experience “Brands are relying less on massive ad campaigns alone to convert increasingly tech-savvy and knowledgeable consumers. The conventional approach of dream building through lavishly expensive productions and celebrity endorsements is losing effectiveness because customers these days expect a COMPLETE brand experience. Read our blog by our CEO, Bonnie Chan, on this topic.”

PEOPLE Our Top Tech Man

Alan Yip Director, Technology Solutions This month marks the first anniversary of Alan’s time at Icicle. Improving efficiency in the workplace is Alan’s forte and he wasted no time in transforming the company’s work culture on the IT front. Within two months of his arrival, he successfully migrated Icicle’s IT infrastructure including email, calendar, document management and operation workflow -- previously hosted by a server in-house -- to the cloud.

Moving from in-house to client-facing, Alan and his team offer innovative technological solutions including brand asset management, an online catalogue system and several marketing communications automation systems to clients, aimed at helping brands improving efficiency in their marketing departments.

SERVICE DELIVERY The Making of the Red Bull Toolbox

Earlier this year, Red Bull turned to Icicle for our expertise in market activation for its annual Red Bull Flutag (“flying day” in German) during which competitors fly home-made human-powered flights at the Hong Kong harbour. Take a look at just one of the cool things Icicle did for this event.


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