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EXPANSION Icicle acquires Taipei-based WinWin

Winwin Media, a leading ROI-driven digital marketing agency under the leadership of Richard Liao, formally became part of the Icicle group on April 1, 2014. For more details, read our press release.

PEOPLE Driving digital engagement

"The internet and social media has shifted power to the consumer. Brands must adapt to the rapidly expanding digital landscape to stay relevant."

Meet Richard Liao - Partner in Digital

With over 15 years of experience servicing brands in the digital space, Richard is a field expert in adapting to the fast-changing world of technology and evolving social habits. Richard built the earlier part of his career at leading advertising agencies, including Mediaedge:cia, before he founded his own company which was later acquired by Icicle.

ROI-driven at heart, Richard is passionate about delivering quantifiable value to clients and has developed proprietary knowledge in Cost Per Action digital strategies and Online to Offline campaign concepts.


The Making of the Red Bull Toolbox

Bigger Team | Stronger Skills| Higher Impact

To deliver consistently high-impact creative expression for our leading brand clients, Icicle's studio has expanded to work across all areas of communication design, including digital, print and video.

The studio comprises of 30+ passionate and creative talents from diverse backgrounds who are in love with brands & marketing, and have exceptional craft skills and a hunger for progressive new creative techniques, whether in graphics, photography, visual merchandising, 3D rendering or motion design.

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Customers want to explore and dream with your brands.

Professor Henri Christiaans(L) exchanges views with Benjamin Vuchot Region President, Asia North at DFS Group

Shops are no longer places for transacting with eCommerce eating into the physical retail world. This was the key take-away by those who attended the Icicle-sponsored InnoDesign Leadership Breakfast held on February 21. At the invitation of Icicle, Professor Henri Christiaans of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, shared his insights on retail design. For details, please read the blog by Icicle’s CEO, Bonnie Chan.


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